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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Last Entry


In my last 2013 Round Up posted on my main site, I announced that I was seriously considering archiving Gordon’s D-Zone. This basically means that while the entries that were posted prior to 2014 can still be accessed but I wouldn’t be adding any fresh content from that point on.
After weighing the pros and cons of archiving Gordon’s D-Zone, I came to a hard choice. I decided to archive this blog and stop adding new entries and keeping it online for the benefit  of  readers who stumble upon this blog and who may find some of the entries useful. I also plan to delete any old entries of poorer quality. . Other reasons forced me to take this step. However, suffice it to say that, at this point in my life, I wish to explore new approaches of doing disability activism. 
Looking back, I realise that Gordon’s D-Zone has been the first blog I created. It all began on Monday, 28 August of 2006 with the rather unoriginal title “A New Blog is Born…”. There are many memories that come back as I write this which was a period of my life when I was just learning how to use my computer using a screen reader following my deteriorating vision. Yes, I admit that it was both a scary part of my life but also one with opened up new doors and opportunities.
Yet, all good things come to an end. At least, writing on this blog than I would in later years was a good one. I learned more about myself and was happy to share my experience of living with impairments in a disabled world with many others. A view that went beyond the overt sentimentality that often accompanied stories such as my own. I wanted to make it clear that my life wasn’t tragic but neither that exceptional or even “special”. 
I wanted to raise awareness of the fact that, apart from the physical pain I had at times, most of the barriers I faced were created by a society which refused to include me or understand that I was fully entitled to the same rights and opportunities. I also wanted to explain to readers that I was willing to take up responsibility over my own life and actions but the terms had to be reasonable and inclusive as well.
However,at this point in my life,, I wish to pursue other ways. I seek to continue developing my writing skills and expand my self-knowledge through contributing on my site ZoneMind and flex  my creative muscle through the writing of haikus that I post on HaikuFlow.
Of course, one could ask whether I could do all this and maintain Gordon’s D-Zone? Yes this would have been possible only if things had been rather  different. On the other hand, things are different today. Indeed, I don’t feel that I have the energy I had before and I want to preserve the strength in my writing I’m doing on my other sites.
I have chosen to pursue my other interests and explore fresh approaches where I can perform disability activism. An approach where I can reach out to others as just another human being. This, in no way, will undermine my convictions in the values of inclusion and equality for all, including disabled people like myself.
Rather this path I wish to follow is a way I can reclaim my humanity which has often been denied to me and to others in my situation.
On that note, I wish to thank all of those who have followed this blog and the few who contributed to the discussion. I also hope that those who find my blog after this last entry will find some entries here to be useful and food for thought.


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