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Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Post on Watercolours?

Today, I participated in the official opening of a new building which I hope will be my new home for the coming future. This house, which is supported by the Church with some help from the state, will offer me to live more independently and share my experience with two other disabled mates. I hope that this will help me express who I am and my potential to its fullest. However, I have already written a post on my other blog at ZoneMind entitled Meditations in Watercolours… 


I hope, of course, to be able to contribute more to the D-ZONE but these last few days have been a bit emotional and I’ve still got to make the last plans as I spend my last weekend at my childhood home.


I’m sure that, even if it’ll be hard for me to leave Paola, where there’s my childhood home, I trust that my new place at Qawra will help me grow and make new experiences and friends. 


I’ll be posting the entry to ZoneMind  later next week. But, if you can’t wait and want to read some personal reflections on my mve, just visit the post Meditations in Watercolours… now!