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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Crip in the Hall

A song of revolution based on part of Pink Floyd's hit "Another Brick in the Wall". I wrote these lyrics thinking about the cuts on personal assistance services occurring across Europe. It's also a criticism of the medical model and its persistent influence on our lives by reducing our life choices:

We don't need no institution
We don't need no care control
No intrusion in our private lives
Give us back our independence!

Doctor, leave those crips alone
Hey, doctor, leave those crips alone

All in all, it's just another crip in the hall
All in all, you're just another crip in the hall
"You! Yes, you! Behind that stethoscope!

PS: I don't intend this to be a song against doctors and others working in the health professions. However, it's a song against the tendency of medical professionals to look at our lives as disabled people simply in terms of the medical model, attributing all our problems in life to the fact we have an impairment. Believe me, I've met many good doctors and nurses in my life that have been of great help and, in fact, saved my life. But it's a fact that we aren't solely the products of our impairment - a point that unfortunately, hasn't got through in our society.