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Sunday, June 05, 2011

‘Reverse the Bias Towards Segregation’ campaign : demo on June 29th Westminster

‘Reverse the Bias Towards Segregation’ campaign : demo on June 29th Westminster

Please support our UK disabled friends and their allies in their attempts to stop the UK's government's attempts to re-introduce segregated education.

Today it may be UK disabled children and future generations who face this threat, but tomorrow it may be YOU!!!

Friday, June 03, 2011

Majority votes Yes For Divorce: Final Reflections

I thought that since I have brought up this issue on my blog in my last entry, I need to
update those who read it. Almost a week has passed since the referendum on
divorce resulted in a majority voting in favour of divorce legislation. I
can't say I am happy with that result but I can only hope that this will not
compromise the stability of the family. But, of course, it would be naive of
me to think that things will remain the same when it comes to relationships
and marriage.

It's a fact that Malta, like any other society, is changing. This change
need not be necessarily bad or negative. However, I believe that in today's
world, it is even more important that we listen and try to understand those
who are different than us. There has been radical progress in communication
systems around the world. And communication remains of fundamental
importance in sustaining human relations. So, it's not an issue that only
relates to couples. It is an issue that affects each one of us.

But, are we better communicators? Sure, we have the technology but are we
truly relating to one another? Taking the local campaigns on divorce that
happened locally, I am afraid that both sides were forcing their own points
without bothering to consider the other side's argument. However, divorce
isn't a simply an issue that can be debated in terms of good and evil as,
sadly, happened. Good for whom? Bad for whom? How will society be affected?
How will individuals and families be affected?

These questions were never asked - let alone answered! And these remain
important questions. Of course, time will tell how divorce will affect our
society. I reiterate my hope that good will come of this. Perhaps we'll wake
up to the fact that we are not instilling our children with human values
based on respect, understanding and acceptance of others who may be
different than we are. Truly, I wish that we take this opportunity to invest
into education based on human principles that are vital in order to build a
better society.

And this doesn't just apply to Malta but I dare say to the world we live in.