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Sunday, May 15, 2011

What would you do?

Recently, I stumbled upon a video originally produced by ABC News for a series called What Would You Do? which explores social behavior in difficult or problematic situations. While there are many clips which set me thinking on my own reactions to particular scenarios where I could risk getting seriously injured (such as if was witness to a hate crime), it was a surprise to discover two clips tackling abuse or exploitation of disable people and to gauge the people's response to such treatment.

The first video concerns a blind person who is cheated of receiving proper change as other customers look on. Will they intervene? It's also interesting to note the difference in the reaction between a blind woman being cheated ddas against a blind man. The second video investigates whether non-disabled customers will intervene when am intellectually disable employee is harassed by an abusive customer (an actor).

What I liked about these clips are:

1. All the actors playing the part of a disabled persons ARE actually disabled people! You'd be surprise how many non-disabled people play the part of a disabled person.
2. The show is not a candid camera and we learn about the experiences of both the unaware participants and the actors themselves.
3. The setup is professional and emergency and law enforcement are aware of what will be happening that day.

While the results of this participatory-type research cannot be generalized, they do provide insight into how people behave when faced with situations where our social values are put to the test. These clips might also help in providing ideas for further research. But that's my academic side writing. Here are the videos:

Stealing from Blind Customers

Verbally Abusing a Disabled Grocery Clerk

You'd be surprised to discover how different people reacted when confronted with blatant abuse and harassment. Another interesting video is unrelated to disability targeted abuse but I wish to share it here as well because on watching it, you'll realize how the most unlikely of people may be the ones to help and fight for others.

Would you stop a hate crime?