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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

No Tears for Osama

It seems that 2011 continues to be a year Full of surprise and unexpected turns an twists. The end of April was no exception with a royal wedding at the start of the weekend as well as a beatification on Sunday. Interestingly, both ceremonies derive from old traditions going back at least a thousand of years - the British monarchy and the Catholic Church.

And then, the following Monday, we were told that the most notorious terrorist of the 21st century had been killed. Even if the fact his body was thrown to the sea as part of a burial rite has prompted a number of conspirators to shed some doubts on whether this was really bin Laden, i find little reason to doubt the claims made.

Undoubtedly, the image of Osama will bring out ugly and painful memories for many people, especially those who's lives have been directly affected by the actions of this man and his followers. On the day osama's death was announced, celebrations erupted across the globe. There I was a bit confuse as people as they celebrated the death of this man.

Don't get me wrong now. What Osama did in his life was horrible and inhuman. I can't feel sad that he is dead. What I can be sad about is the fact the world, in a way or another, created someone capable of so much hate and destruction. Because, as a matter of fact, Osama was an ordinary nan and inasmuch as we try to deny it or demonizing bin Laden, this destructive potential is within our reach.

In other words, we may have killed off a bad branch but we haven't defeated terrorism. It is true there will be no tears for Osama bin Laden but I think that we need to look beyond military force alone but realize that the war against terrorism is primarily a war like no other in the past. Its battlefield is the hearts and minds of people. It justifies itself by preying on people's pain and injustice to fuel hate and violence.

Finally, the only way to prevent another Osama from spreading their message of fear, hate and intolerance is to work together as one world to create a state of peace, justice and mutual understanding. This is in many ways an idealistic vision but it may the only answer to the challenges we face in today's world.