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Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's a bed thing

Since the new year, it is more difficult to wake up from bed without a struggle. The moment I open my eyes and sense the cold air in my room, the temptation to burrow deeper under my covers is great. I know, I know, that I can't hide under the blankets forever but it's always worth trying.

This need to immerse myself into a place of peace and warmth is stronger during the cold winter days and when I need to face another day at work. I admit that I do envy those creatures which hibernate during the winter.

Alas, I need to discard this dream. It will never happen. Unless I don't reincarnate into a tortoise or some other animal in my next life. I'm already working on growing a hard shell... so there.

No alarm goes off. I've stopped using one for some time now. Besides, I always end up waking way before it goes off - except on those rare occasions when I really cannot bring myself to consciousness.

Half an hour passes. All these thoughts have brought me to a profound realization. If I don't drink my tea, get dressed and hop on my wheelchair in 30 minutes, I risk losing my van to get me to work.

What should I do? The temptation is certainly attractive. Again, what should ( do?