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Saturday, February 05, 2011


I've been absorbed in my private life too much now. True, I'm still recoverin from a health issue that could have had far serious implications if left untreated but now things are getting better, I want to return to real life and face reality head on.

So I thought of the Magreb and the people's uprisings in Tunis and Egypt. Their realization that life couldn't go on as it was with all the injustice and corruption. They woke up from the dream or nightmare. But they weren't the only ones. In their last summit, Arab leaders realized that many living in their countries were exposed to poverty and corruption. The Western world now admitted that it might have tolerated oppressive regimes and dictators as long they cooperated with western interests.

Has the world awakened from an illusion? Where were the leaders when the people were suffering? And where was the media? And where were we while all this was happening? Where was I?

What has happened in north Africa is already having repercussions on the rest of the world, especially in what we term the 'Arab world'. But is there such a thing? And how many other realities are we avoiding to acknowledge only to discover that it's too late now. That an unstoppable chain reaction has started.

Will we wake up from a blissful dream to a tormenting nightmare?