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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My MaConversion - Part 2

Now, both Window Eyes and Mobile Speak helped me in my life. That I cannot deny. However, as operating systems change or are updated, after some time you also need to upgrade your screen reader. This means forking out hundreds of dollars each one or two years to get an upgrade. It’s because the screen reader must be able to read the screen and tell what the system is doing. Or something like that. Thus, it must adapt to the computer to work. Yet, that was the only solution to the problem of making a mainstream computer accessible. Or so I thought…

Then I dared to consider replacing my HTC with an Apple iPhone… Yes, it took a long time of convincing and reading. It had to be accessible. I listened to pod casts, read articles, visited the Apple site… to read about the new iPhone’s built-in accessibility features. Was it just hype>? But I took the risk and bought the iPhone 3GS. Believe me when I say that I was impressed! Never was so I excited by a mobile phone. And in truth, I am still excited as I discover more things to do. With its voice over screen reader, which is installed on every iPhone, I could do more and more. I also enjoy the feel of being able to use the touch screen and finding my way on different pages, especially when surfing the net on Safari when I’m using WiFi.

That would be impressive enough if it wasn’t for the fact that Apple introduced an innovative solution to providing accessibility to their products. Instead of having to install expensive software to make the system and the apps it runs accessible, the system provided a means users can access it and the installed apps with whatever means they preferred (Voice Over, Zoom, etc). No more running costs of upgrades to screen readers. Apple provided the possibility for disabled people to purchase a phone and be able to use it right away out of the box.

That is why I decided to switch to Apple. Judging by my experience with the iPhone, the future ahead should be bright. In fact, over the next 2 weeks I should be the proud owner of a Mac Book Air sporting OS X Snow Leopard. Yes, Christmas is almost here…