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Monday, November 08, 2010

I'm now 29

Another birthday is almost over. Thank goodness! I am always ill-at-ease when it comes to my birthday. I don't really know why. It's not because I realise I'm getting older. Well, that too. But it's at this time that I look back at my life and ask myself whether I have achieved anything so far.

I did find my facebook wall flooded with messages with some coming in as I type this. That indicates that I am not forgotten. Yet, I just don't know why I can't see the point in celebrating my birthday. After all, today wasn't such a great day. I had to stay home because I sustained an injury during a weekend conference on Saturday.

I did enjoy the conference mind you. It was a training session for disabled people to help in conducting disability equality training (DET). You've probably never heard of DET. In a nutshell, it involves raising awareness about the issues pertinent to disability, such as the barriers and negative attitudes that prevent disabled people from participating in society and which exclude us from society.

I met other disabled people and shared ideas and experiences. Apart from being one of the presenters at the conference, I got to be a participant as well. On the whole, the hotel we stayed in had good food and in my accessible room, I managed on my own. Indeed, after making a risk assessment, I decided that I would attend without a personal assistant. Even if I say so myself, I did fairly well and managed to survive the weekend. The fact I was in my own country helped me in opting for a PA-free conference.

What about the accident? I have to mention that inasmuch as our hotel was great, it had terrible lighting conditions. And long corridors... I was making my way to my room for an afternoon rest and, yes, I took a wrong turn left. How was I to know there was a 20cm step there? In a matter of seconds, me and my electric wheelchair crashed on to the hard floor. That changed my good relationship with gravity. I screamed and shrieked until assistance came to help me.

I am lucky in a way. I was also thrown off my electric wheelchair. That sounds like bad luck. But, believe me, if that heavy thing had fallen over me, I would probably be in hospital right now - or worse! True, I felt excruciating pain in my knees and elbows. I banged my head which confirms that I have a hard head. I had some bleeding too. It was a traumatic experience I admit that. I realised that this wasn't good considering I was just recovering from hospital.

Thankfully, I managed to wash, dress and prepare myself for Sunday. Admittedly, I was on a diet of Panadol that day. That meant I was more tired than usual with my body temperature fluctuating. Today, it's my birthday and I'm still in a little pain. However, my body appears to be reacting well to the medication. I think I need to stay at home for another day.

I think getting all that out of the system changed my gloomy mood. There are a few hours left... I need to start the celebrations!

PS: In spite of all the tempting offers, I regret that I must refuse to become a stunt man for your next movie blockbuster.