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Monday, November 22, 2010

Comfortably Numb

I realised yesterday how our modern technocentred world, we risk losing our basic ability for human compassion. Are we growing immune to human suffering?

I felt uneasiness as I became aware that while I was eating, in the background they were screaming, crying and shrieking wig pain and despair. Their voices ... Cholera victims were being transmitted In my living room.

And what was I doing? Eating a burger (a thing I do rarely). I felt bad with myself. It's as if I had opened my mind to my own immunity to suffering. It's like I suddenly reflected on what was happening.

These were real people. Actual distress. Yet, it appears that I've become so used to watching and hearing real or fictional war, violence and tragedy; that I tend to be left unmoved. Until yesterday.

Think about it. Are you comfortably numb?