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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Killer Ramps

When disability issues started to attract the attention of politicians and policy makers in Malta, the idea of a disabled people was usually that of a wheelchair user. Consequently, physical access tended to be the single most important disability issue for the public. Thankfully, through a combination of awareness campaigns and better information, issues facing other impairment groups. However, in spite of the early emphasis on physical access and the passing of an Equal Opportunities Act (20000, physical access is still a real barrier to disabled people with mobility impairments. While accessible toilets, vertical access to buildings and wide enough doors are all what physical access, a basic requirement in accessing most buildings are ramps.

Believe me; finding accessible venues to access a service, such as a shop, grocer, etc is a headache. Even accessible private health clinics are hard to find. It took me years to find an accessible dental clinic for example, and now that I did, it made my life a little easier. Yet, there are still a significant number of places that are inaccessible while others may impose limits. Fancy watching a movie at the cinema from the back of the last row?

In addition, yes, before you can access a building, you need ramps. However, I shouldn't mention the obvious. I've known shop owners placing an inadequate ramp just for decoration I guess orj because perhaps believe we have super-human strength. I wasn't aware of the situation worldwide (not exactly), so I was a little amused and mostly shocked when I visited a link from David Eaves, which shows pictures of a few 'infuriating ramps'.

The link is:
Infuriating Wheelchair Ramps

And that's all for today!