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Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup Fever

It's almost over! Finally, in about 14 days' time I'll be free from being bombarded with football mania ... Ok, I've got a bit interested in this peculiar game involving a number of grown men pursuing a leather ball and all the fervor associated with the sport.

I admit that i have never been really a sport person or had much interest in football or soccer [if you are American]. And that is not because i had a mobility impairment as someone once suggested but i don't find sports that exciting - although lately i have been making predictions on recently played games with getting 3 out of 3 right but i don't dare say if My guessing luck will continue.

So it is unusual for me to ask for the score and engage in a conversation where football is the main topic. Strange how you sometimes discover a new facet to your personality. Still, i am sure that this 'fever' will die out as soon as it came!!!