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Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Apple a day ...

Well not quite ... As I slowly recover from a period of poor health which left me unable to do much writing, let alone blogging, I return gradually to reality Mot that vlogging represents any such leap vut this means that I am ready to look forward!

While a dental issue has been at the root of my recent health crisis, the apple in the subject line isn't related Indeed, it refers to my new gadget: an Apple iPhone 3GS... No not the latest version... But I have been blown away by all its features. Those who own one probably know what I'm talking about.

Besides this isn't a tech blog. What impressed me most, however is the fact I could access it out of the box as it comes with a screen reader as part of the package! Coupled by its gestures, I found the experience fun - although I should be using it more for studying.

I'm in for work tomorrow, so I'll wrap it up here. And I really can't afford an apple a day ... At least not this kind of apple!

Hope to be posting more on the iPhone 3GS experience in my ZoneCast. When I have the time, that is ...