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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Here comes the ZoneCast ...

I have started podcasting.. Finally! To be honest, I did want to try my hand at producing my own radio show. Although my preferrd mediumremains writing, I admit that I have been excited by this new adventure. It's not just because podcasting seems to be less formal than writing and you can get a feel of the podcaster/s personality, I've found an enormous number of podcasters out there.

Naturally, the downside of having so many channels and podcasts means that you have to choose what you listen and the choice can be difficult.. From my short experience with podcasting, I also realised how complicated it can be to make a podcast available for others to access. Applying to be listed  in the Apple's iTunes store was also a challenge in itself and I have to wait until my podcast passes the test.

I found a large number of podcasters who are blind or visually impaired as well. I haven't had the time to check them out myself but ithe podcast world seems to be quite a diverse one. Of course, there are what are called videocasts - like podcasts but containing video. I know that I tried doing two videocast-like productions on You Tube but I gave it up as it was becoming tiresome - especially with a visual impairment. However, I think this form would be ideal for a videocast in sign language.

I had a chance of playing around with podcasting. One thing that I still have to get used to is the sound of my voice. Ironic really but I think it's a normal reaction as we do not actually have to live with our voice. In other words, we only realise how we sound in real life when we hear a recording. Well, this was meant as an announcement so I'll stop here. Those who wish to listen to the first episode of my podcast go to this link:

Gordon's ZoneCast

You should also find a link to my RSS feed there, so if you want to subscribe via your preferred reader, please do so. Now  I admit that this is free publicity. And it's really my first attempt at podcasting but I had to start somewhere. Enjoy!