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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Just some thoughts ...

These days I am spending my free time doing reading for my thesis. As a consequence, I am getting worrying symptoms.

For instance, while I'm eating, I see an idea emerging from my mash potato... I'm listening to the radio and a string of words coalesce to form a meaningful sentence... I'm watching TV and through my fogged vision, I perceive a vision... When I sleep I dream I'm discussing what I read during the day... it gets worse...

The last time I felt this way was when I was in love. Very disconcerting. Well, it's ironic that the more I spend reading about blogs and blogging, the less I spend doing the thing myself!

Seriously, I hope that countries agree on concrete action to address climate change as they go on with their discussions at the Copenhagen conference. Even if, to be honest, I am unsure whether we are in time to save ourselves from climate change. Or whether, like some sceptical scientists claim, our actions have no significant impact on the climate. I wonder...

It's also International Human Rights Day today. Yet, I'm also not very convinced that our world has incredibly improved its human rights record. In some aspects, I think we're even regressing. Yes, we have the UN Convention Rights of Disabled People now and many other instruments to protect the human rights of many. But there are some rights that are being contested or even denied. Abortion, euthanasia, and assisted suicide are, in my view, serious threats to human rights. And it's also concerning that a Swiss vote will now secure that no more minarets are built... and there's a movement, it seems, to remove religious symbols from public places. Not sure if we're on the right track here...

Alas, the majority world (referred to by media as the 'developing world') is experiencing the greatest breaches of human rights ranging from poverty to torture and execution. I think we who live in the minority world have some responsibility in this state of affairs - after spending decades exploiting these countries' natural resources and polluting their habitats - costing the lives of livelihoods of many inhabitants. And we cannot solve these problems by simply giving money to charity because that's only a symptom... The cause, I believe, is bad distribution of wealth and by that I mean that the money doesn't go where the real poverty is.

Finally, I find it unjust that the majority world will be facing the brunt of climate change. In this, I feel that the minority world must not dismiss its responsibility to what, after all, made it what it is but really help to prevent the worst from happening.

For, if I think about it, the distinctions we make between the majority/developing world and the minority/developed world are only in our mind. If a drought starves the whole of North Africa, for instance, it will affect us as well - wherever we are... But, I guess, that would be stating the obvious (!))