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Monday, September 21, 2009

Ping Pong PhD [2]

Continues from Part 1

> Last time, I was talking about my experiences with social networking and then the choice I had to make about whether to start my PhD or not. After deciding to go ahead, I had not as yet decided on a suitable topic.

I was unsure how to proceed with this choice I thought I made. What topic? And on what basis should I choose it? And then the flash bulb of ideas lit up! Don’t ask me when the moment of epiphany came but it came. And I am glad it did. Why not do a research on blogging and disabled people.

Naturally, I won’t go into detail into the project itself, but suffice it to say that what started off as a hobby is now also the subject of my research. Well, I expect that the coming4 years will not be easy. Juggling work and study, even if part-time, isn’t an easy task – especially with a PhD! And, of course, there are also the occasional colds and fevers that sometimes attack my body once in a while will probably slow me down. Yet, with the support of my friends, family and colleagues at work; I hope to make it for my future graduation. But let’s take it as it comes.

As a final note, I believe that in spite of any social network platform that might exist or be created, human contact and face-to-face interaction) is the highest form of reaching out and relating to other people. Of course, your support as blog readers and social network buddies enhances our lives by expanding our human experiences.