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Thursday, September 24, 2009

FaceBook: Audio Captions

In my last post I made a passing reference to Facebook's audio captions which are used to verify whether you're a real person or not. This is really an aural version of the word verification method. As everyone who has used any identity verification service knows, it may be tricky to make sense of the characters provided for word verification purposes.

The same applies for audio captions. Sometimes you get it right and some other times you get it terribly wrong. Inspired by audio captions - in particular those found in FaceBook, I decided to create my own audio caption. As I state in the youtube clip I linked to, I have tried to make the audio caption "as accessible and the voice as intelligible as possible". You'll hear I'm right ...

PS: I'm still experimenting with creating powerpoint-based youtube videos. I hope to be able to produce more improved work in the future.