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Friday, August 28, 2009

The GD-ZONE Saga - 3 years and 3 blogs!

YES! It's true - it's been three years since I started writing here. I remember it was a hot summer day in 2006. I was excited and somehow anxious in taking this step. However, I was also determined to join the online blogging community - especially the virtual disability community that exists. I shared some personal stuff, my hopes and disappointments. In short, this blog was an important part of my life and a means by which I can relate my experiences as a Maltese disabled person. Okay, put in a pinch of vanity in my blogging pursuit!

But I didn't stop there (am I greedy?) In fact, over the course of the last 2 years, I have also created two new blogs, Cosmos Online and more recently, Zyhil.

As a blogger, I was often worried when I had writer’s block or noticed that the ratings were pretty low. Perhaps I need to work on this, I admit. One way I hope to make this blog more relevant to different readers is to introduce some goodies for future consumption. Here is a short snippet of what I have planned:

In "Blog Roundup", I will take a look at the latest entries found in my blog list found on the left side of this blog. I hope that the number of blogs I will be reviewing increases.

In "D-Interview", I will be asking a number of questions to disabled people or other non-disabled people involved in the sector.

In "Your View", I will be responding to your emails. This depends on the amount of contributions received, so start writing to with Your View in the subject line.

Oh, I almost forgot ... I recently created a FaceBook group GD-ZONE. Here you will be able to keep up to date with all the latest post entries on each blog - the best thing is that everyone is invited to discuss any post content ... but please don't forget that I may be quicker to respond if you left a coment or sent an email.

I hope you’ll enjoy these new additions. Also feel free to drop me a line with your feedback and comments on my email address below.

Now off to celebrate ... hey, it appears I ate all the food yesterday ... argh!!!


Gordon C. Cardona