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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Aporia [1]

I'm concerned about my country. I am worried about the state of the world we live in. But in truth I have always been. Life? It's full of beautiful things, opportunities and even holds the chance of a better future. Yet, it's also full of suffering. Natural disasters, tsunamis, storms, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions... all things we cannot control. Such a contradiction our lives are. Suffering and pain, and then, peace and happiness. Our world, a home, and yet we must leave one day.

Yes, it may seem as a sad truth that we all have to die. But there's no life without death. Growth without decay. One is neither good or bad. But, of course, we remain concerned and anxious when we are reminded - either through the death of a loved one or through a terrible event - of this reality. I am being morbid perhaps, but then, isn't it a certainty we cannot avoid?

Admittedly, I have never stopped thinking about my own mortality since I was six years old. Mind you, it wasn't an obsession or anything and I did have a happy childhood. Yet, early experiences sometimes compel us to delve into issues that, to an outsider, might appear dark and unsettling.

At times when I found myself alone, with my telescope pointed at the night sky, I wondered at the vastness of a silent universe ... Was our life important, and really, was my life of value?

In the darkest hours of our lives, we are made aware of our vulnerability and our fragile natures. When considering the possibility of my own mortality, I wondered whether all the things priests said about heaven or hell were true. I knew that there were other stories that explained life. The Greek had the Underworld and the fields of Elysium. The Egyptians believed in the continuation of an Earthly life provided their bodies were mummified.

And why are we here then?

To be continued...