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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Why Michael Jackson is not a good role model

Jackson's death has been in the news for more than a week since 25 June. Hysterical fans grieving ... speculation about the cause of his death ... gossip on the fate of his children ... etc. However, I was surprised to hear that major leaders within the Afro-American community declared Michael Jackson a role model for future generations.

I was rather unsure whether I heard that statement well. Yes, he was very successful as a pop singer - in fact he was regarded as the 'king of pop'. It's even true that the boy Jordan Chandler who accused him of sexual abuse confessed he had lied about Jackson. But Michael Jackson, a role model for future black generations? I just don't agree.

Yes, he gained success in music. But, did they perhaps forget that Jackson also chose to undergo surgery to become whiter? Is that the actions of a man comfortable with who he was and of his black heritage? On the other hand, does that only affirm that being white is better and that black people should aspire to be white?

By proclaiming Michael Jackson as a role model, I fear that the Afro-Americann community is sending the wrong signals to young black people. This message, simply put, is that it's not really ok to be black but you can get better results in life if you are white. It's like telling me that if you want to be respected in society, it would have been better to be non-disabled. In this sense, the logical conclusion to this reasoning is that a society which holds white, male, heterosexual and non-disabled people on a pedestal - ignoring other groups - is a good society!