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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Memento Mori [1]

I woke up empty inside. In fact, I didn’t sleep that much either. It’s now more than a week since I resigned from my position within my organisation. Not that I’m regretting taking this decision. After all, I did want to dedicate more time to understand myself better before continuing with my commitment in disability activism. Or with life itself.

And life never works out the way you plan it. I was filled with great enthusiasm when I embarked on disability activism. And yet, there is still part of me that has been longing to get out. A side of me that I have so often obscured and hidden away from the world. As a child, I was taught a lot of lessons about life.

What about these lessons? We were taught not to lie, to be honest. Yet, out there many lie all the time. We thwart facts to suit our own agendas. We cheat social services and our governments. Worse of all, we lie to our loved ones and to ourselves.

We are also told to love and respect each other as brothers and sisters. Yet, the conflict between our brothers and sisters in the Middle East and in other geographical regions, the rising demons of xenophobia and racism in Europe, the implicit anti-Arab sentiments on one hand and the Anti-Semitic discourses on the other tell a different story. As we preoccupy ourselves with the state of our economies, we close our eyes to the poverty and suffering of other nations. We avoid this reality, which has been with us for decades.

But then, we have become numb to the death of others. We witness endless killings projected onto our TV screens, learn about them through our radio sets and find them stamped on our newspapers. The reality of death has been commercialised and trivialised. The death of a person is just another item on the list of everyday news. As insignificant as yesterdays gossip. We don't stop and think that a unique person has been lost to the world. - The creation of whom was a singular event in the history of the universe, a person who is irreplaceable. A life that no one can live again.

To be continued ...