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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My House in Malibu

I need to make a short announcement. In the last few weeks, I was playing around with creating a new blog dedicated to my creative self. To be honest, as a child, I had always dreamed to become a published author… with my own house in Malibu, sipping my orange juice as I typed away on my laptop next to my swimming pool ump…I think I put to many possessives there.

OK, I haven’t attained writing fame, or a house with a swimming pool in Malibu. Although I can still have orange juice - even if it gives me heartburn! I also have my own laptop too, even if it has become rather slow lately. I am digressing big time, am I not? So, here goes my announcement:

New Blog Launched!

Yes, I launched a new blog called Zyhil. It’s the second best thing to attaining world fame as a best-selling author, don't you think? Sadly, I do lose out on the many luxuries and lavish lifestyle I could have had (sigh!)

But I should be more cheerful as this blog should complement my online book Cosmos Online which means I have 3 electronic offspring (without the need of changing any cyber-diapers).

Currently, most of Zyhil's contents have appeared before on this blog. However, I've recently added some new content and I hope to contribute to this blog on a regular basis in the future.

The latest posts I've added include a brief account of a boy living in the streets of a 'great city' entitled Street Boy. The other post is a poem dealing with the often painful experiences of love and contains personal reflections on the meaning of life. The poem is called Cinders but you got to read it to discover why I called it so. Enjoy!