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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April, the Cruelest Month

Cruellest it's perhaps not a good idea to start off a new month with such a gloomy title. However, April brings with it many things I can do without, such as the heat, and insects. Let's not start about insects. Of course, April 1st is synonymous with another tradition I have come to fear - April fool's day... Perhaps it's like Friday the 13th for me as I'm always at the lookout for some practical joker.

However, I don't think that I'm being melodramatic if I believe that there is something quite spooky about April fool's Day. Waking up in the morning with the feeling that today something rotten will happen. That they will trap me. That they will say something which I don't believe because it's April 1st and then, it ends up being true! How's that for a joke... a joke that wasn't even a joke to begin with...

No, credibility goes out of the window on this day. That is why I am somewhat reluctant to announce any news or updates on this day. It's a day which lacks credibility and which forces people to think about each thing they happen to hear. And ask the question... is this really true?

On the other hand, it may be a good idea for us to take on board the April Fool Mindset (AFM) because it puts on guard against being misled by inaccurate or partial reporting and one-line titles to reports. There have been many of these over the past months but I won't elaborate on those. Yes, it's the credibility issue again.

As I was saying, it may be prudent during these times, when realities are being contested and when everything is relative, to be more alert to what you read and consume. This is all part of the AFM set of principles. As a disabled person, I am bombarded with titles and labels that drive me crazy. A heading which you should avoid reading when I'm in your vicinity is the following:


Ok. I'm pushing it but I have read more disturbing headlines and news items in the past. So, I won't be surprised to read at least half of those adjectives in a heading. And why I wrote 'it'... because we're often considered 'asexual'. And that, I'm afraid, is not an April fool.

Well, I guess I've done enough complaining about April and, yes, April fools. So I'll end here without further ado. And apologies to T S Eliot for not analysing the meaning of the post title taken from his famous poem, “The Wasteland”.

Please note: if you circulate this post to 100 of your friends you'll receive 99 complaints and 1 insult. You've been warned!