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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Capturing the Moment

There's much good to say about the times we're living in. I can't imagine living in a world where diseases were a constant threat, where the infant mortality rate was extremely high and when food, water or shelter was scarce. This is not even mentioning the benefits technology and medicine have brought to us.

However, in spite of all such richness, I do feel that we're losing out on other, equally important, values. We live in a fast food world where our communication speeds have multiplied over the course of decades. We made a transition from using letters to email, and now even to updating our status via our mobile phones. And yet, we seem to want more and more ways of keeping in touch.

We seek social networks, join Facebook, and try to keep up with a myriad of virtual and real social groups. Advocate for our right to speak and, yet, silence those who contradict us. But then, are our families stronger? Are the rights of others being upheld and respected? Are we really connecting with others? Are we even taking time to get to know who we really are?

I suspect that the answer to many of these questions is simply ‘no’! But this is not because we do not want to connect or find value in life beyond the material happiness we surround ourselves with but because we are not stopping to reflect on our position in the world and on the reason we're here.

There were many periods in my life when I found myself alone. Perhaps this is one of those times and the reason why I am writing a post about it today. However, contrary to popular belief, this feeling of being alone isn't a negative feeling as such. It only got a bad reputation because of the Valentine Card merchants 

No seriously, being on my own at times helps me get in touch with who I am. Or rather, discover who I have become over the years. Most importantly, these peaceful instances when I can be free from distractions, I realise that, yes, there are certain important things in my life. I find that there is an aspect of me that is unique, and that there is a degree of sacredness to this life. That being here and knowing you are here is a privilege not to be wasted capriciously.

Of course, during these moments of stillness surrounded by the sound of classical music at times, brings back both positive and negative memories and emotions. Yet, even if we might want to forget the painful aspects of our past and present, these are still a living part of us and, thus, they need to be acknowledged. I believe that this is what there is missing in many people's lives today. We fill it with things that appear (or are made to appear so) important to our happiness, but lose track of what really matters to us. We seem to repress the answers to our happiness by indulging in quick fixes.

And I'm afraid that no amount of money, no kind of technology, no discovery (however groundbreaking) and even no form of drug, can give you an answer to the questions:

“What makes me happy?”

What should I strive for?

And often, those who dare ask those questions.

Those who challenge the reality projected through media...
Those who are not happy with the injustice and inequalities in the world and who believe that change is possible...

Those are the ones who feel alone and estranged by a fast world obsessed with instant happiness.

A world where people do not stop and think. A world of fleeting dreams and promises but with lack of commitment and drive to deliver.

A world where most do not take the time to capture the moment and end up trapped in a cage they believe is the universe.