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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Time for Valentine?

It's a cold day without the warmth of love,
On the day lovers walk hand in hand

Dancing to the couple’s song.

The lonely wanderer is not alone,
But he feels that isolation from a place within.

The child may know not what abandonment means,
But it can still haunt his dreams.

Time moves on without caring
About who lives or dies,

Or about who loves or is unloved.
And with time comes death - what then?

Would it matter if you cried,
Cursed the heavens for the desert
You feel inside?

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Will love survive?

Yet, as the solitary traveller
And the outcaste child looks back,
They recall the love that once filled
Their spirit with endless happiness,

And for a moment

The world around them is bliss.

The cold did fade, and the pain recede,
They were no longer discontent but happy.
Happy in their solitude.

For another’s love may touch their being.
And leave that unique gift of joy,
Many have talked and written about.
But this may never happen.

And then, they would not see,
The love they wish so hard for,
Was part of them.
And if that love is cherished,
They will be ready to share it.

If the master of time will permit.