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Saturday, January 31, 2009

R is for Recession

Since the conflict in the Gaza strip, the world has continued with its changes. If you follow the news, you cannot help reading about the recession, and its consequent effects on world economies. And of course, the start of Obama’s term in office – but I hope to tackle this topic in the future. As you can tell from the title, the topic is the economy – or more specifically economic recession. I admit that I’ve never been interested in how money works - although I do like spending it once in a while… anyhow, I cannot pretend to write a post that can provide an economic analysis of the now notorious R-word.

However, it is clear from the reports that the R problem has been culminating over many years due to abuse and unscrupulous lending. Now, large banking institutions have become bankrupt, companies have closed and many others are sacking employees at an alarming rate. These are not happy times. At the same time, I cannot help drawing parallels between the R effect and our precarious environmental situation.

While countries around the world seem to pay attention when their economies are falling, the same cannot be said when their attention is drawn to the impact of human activity on the environment. Perhaps they believe, like some disillusioned scientist, that we will soon discover the secret of immortality? Or save the planet in an instant when the inevitable happens?

Nor did the oil crisis seem to open the eyes of world leaders to the fact that we should seek alternative sources of energy. And believe me that is only one small aspect of the problems we might face with our environment. In a few years time, we won’t be worrying about the fact we don’t have oil for our cars or to satisfy our electricity needs. We will be worrying about getting supplies of safe water to drink!

Undoubtedly, we are already faced with serious challenges that, it appears, are being taken for granted. Sea and air pollution… global warming… Are these familiar? Probably. Unfortunately, in the same way we may have become used to hearing about war in the world, we seem to have become apathetic about the gravity of these issues. Ironically, we are then worried about saving the world economy more than we are about preserving our world ecology.

I believe that both require urgent attention at this time. And while we’re talking about global cooperation on many matters, why not wake up to the fact that ecological disasters do not give a toss about national barriers or international borders. There, I got it out of the system!