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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It took a moment ...

It took a moment
As I dare look back
To realise

How happy I was
How sad I am

What will happen next?

Many judged me by their yardstick,
By the way I walked.
Or by what I said,
And the things I wrote.

But did they know me then?
Do I know myself now?

Change is certain.
Death is sure.
But love is not.

And our life is lonely.
Always unknown to others.
And hidden from our selves.

We tread into the dark.
Hoping to find the answer.

But never knowing
Never sure of what lies beyond.
Or look beyond the lies.
In believing this reality is ours forever.
A false security.

It won’t last. It never does.
But I must go on.

Hoping in this absurd uncertainty.
Yes, even accepting the inevitability
Of death
And of love's demise.

Life is happiness and sadness.
Life will cease to be.

Love can empower and destroy.
Love will end.

Change seems eternal.
But change is not forever.

And the last day comes for me,
I hope there is a time beyond.
But know not.