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Friday, June 13, 2008

We're not being fair ... and Friday the 13th?

We're not being fair ...

Well, finally I found some time to write. Remember the last post when I submitted the press release the Maltese Council of Disabled Persons sent? At least one newspaper reported our statement. I did get a bit annoyed that, on commenting, one of the organisers stated that we were being “unjust and unfair”. So, is it fair for us to be portrayed as helpless individuals? Is it just for an NGO claiming to ‘help us’ achieve a better quality of life, to portray us in such a way as to render our life seem less than human? You draw your own conclusions:

“… However, the fundraising event was lambasted by the Maltese Council of Disabled Persons which criticised adverts promoting Charity 12 for giving the impression that having an impairment was a tragedy.

The council said whether disabled people could do things or not did not depend on their impairment, but on the "disabling obstacles and attitudes we face on a daily basis".

Reacting to the statement, Razzett said the criticism was "unfair and unjust". It explained that the organisation's mission was to improve the quality of life of people with physical and learning disabilities by focusing on the individual's abilities and promoting inclusion and independence.

It said the promotional material referred by the council was designed to show the public the challenges faced by people with disabilities and that most of these difficulties were created by society itself. It also served to showcase the hard work undertaken by the organisation, its staff and volunteers to enhance the potential of its clients.

Razzett chief executive Nathan Farrugia said he agreed with the council's views that disabled people were equally capable of achieving high levels of independence and self-worth and that equal opportunities were often restricted by policy and accessibility issues. He said that practical solutions were necessary to ensure that the gap between the present state of affairs and the ideal is bridged.

"Our services are aimed at just that; a means of support for those who need to prepare themselves physically through our leisure facilities, mentally through our self improvement and learning activities and socially through our integrated activities for the reality of today. Services which, thanks to the generosity of the Maltese public, have no financial, physical or psychological barriers," he said.

(extracted from: “The Sunday Times of Malta”, 8 June 2008 : Thousands Raised for Charity).


Obviously, as today happens to be Friday 13th, I can’t help but share with you some events that cannot be easily explained off.

First, as I was getting ready for a conference, a man using his mobile phone some seats back was talking on his mobile phone. With someone on the other side! He was telling him that he was worried that his children might not see him on TV, as this conference would probably be reported for the evening news. Why? Basically, he told his friend that a ‘handicapped’ person might be blocking him… I wonder whom he was referring to…

Then, a doctor came to me and told me how much he ‘loved’ people like me and assured me that even if I was unfortunate for not being able to walk I was fortunate in other areas which begs the question – was I fortunate in meeting him or not? A definite nope!

So those events convinced me that there is such a thing as bad luck on Friday 13th but only if you happen to be at the bad place with the wrong company…

And I'm sorry to report that

there is nothing supernatural with these events, except that they happened in the same place in a short period of time. But may be it's me ... sigh!