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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here I go ... (Part 1)

I'm finding myself immersed in work. OK, it's not like I'm running the country or anything but I've spent the past weeks looking through statistics and data. Apart from the fact that it's quite taxing on my ears and eyes - as I try to read the information with my screen reader as much as possible but, at times, prefer to use my magnifying glass to sort out some data. However, this post is not about my research secrets...

As I look at the data collected from our National Statistics Office Census 2005 results, a rather grim picture of the situation of disabled people emerges. I don't mean this morning to start you off with sad news. But I was rather dismayed to discover that:

1. There is significantly low employment amongst disabled people.

2. Many have attained little in terms of education

3. A large amount do not have access to the internet and

4. Lack adequate access to decent living conditions

Of course, I'm looking at these figures together with a colleague of mine. And I cannot as yet make any claims. On the other hand, many of the issues creating these realities can be traced to the fact that disabled people have unequal access to society.

If I take my life as an example, some things I cannot access include:

- Public transport - yes there are some 100 buses that are accessible but I cannot rely on them to get to work or go anywhere.

- accessing some buildings or going out where I want - Indeed, last Wednesday I almost fell from a pavement into the road after I was trying to get to the pavement (no, I wasn't on a suicide mission).

- some information is difficult for me to access - Since I've still got my visual impairment (currently unstable), I do still find sites that are difficult for me to access and sometimes I just give up!

Hang on for Part 2!