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Sunday, June 29, 2008


I’ve decided to write a last one before I go to Leeds this Tuesday. To be honest, now that I’ll be officially conferred my Masters in Disability Studies I can’t help but look back at all the events that brought me to this point in time.

It was my visual impairment which forced me to stop doing my original Masters in English. Perhaps that was the second awakening moment in my life when I realised that the fact that I had an impairment had an effect on my position in society and on the way people looked at me. If you recall, my first ‘awakening’ moment was when I realised that even if to my friends I was just another boy, to society I was the ‘poor, dependent, special needs’ child.

From then on, I became involved in learning more about myself and, more importantly, about the way society might be creating problems with people having impairments, until I discovered (so to speak) the ‘social model of disability’. The main concept behind the social model is simple, yet powerful:

Disability is created by a society that takes little or no account of people with impairments.

I can’t possibly explain, in so little time, all the things that have happened to lead me to start studying Disability Studies. However, suffice it to say that the social model and its alternative interpretation of my situation renewed my sense of self-worth and of the crucial importance of rising up against the many misconceptions or exclusive policies that are still the cause of social exclusion and oppression.

I will update you on my Leeds graduation possibly in August as when I get back, I’ll be caught up in so many things!!! But, if you want you can still enjoy reading what Namuh is up to in my story at Cosmos Online. Currently, Namuh is learning about Judaism and learning about good and evil…

I can’t believe that on Thursday 10th July at 1345GMT, I’ll be concluding this chapter of my life. On second thoughts, not really. Some say that it’s only the beginning of more work and hard research (uhm). Incidentally, this ceremony will be broadcast as a live web cast on Thu 10th July at 1345 GMT – if you’re interested (!)

That’s all for now! Wish me luck - I’ve got to catch a plane remember – so I’ll need it!