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Sunday, May 11, 2008


It’s soon the end of another weekend and, believe me, I needed some rest this week! Before I start this post entry, I would like to wish a happy mother’s day to all the mothers who are reading this blog! If you’re wondering, I already wished my mother all the best for this year… so there.

Truth be told, I do admire the work mothers carry out daily and the sacrifices that they often do for us (their children!). I cannot fail to mention the problems some mothers face, particularly disabled mothers, when it comes to wanting to take care of their own children (let alone the obstacles they face in choosing to be mothers) . I am aware of many court cases in which mothers are denied the right to bring up their own children because they have an impairment. We cannot forget that these are mothers too and that it’s not a question of ‘protecting’ their own children as some would put it but rather an excuse for taking control over the lives of mothers who have a right, as any other woman, to have childran

Of course, tied to this right many take for granted is the right for proper support structures to make such a thing a reality. I don’t have children myself, and I will never be a mother, but I have often been faced by disabling attitudes when it comes to disabled people and reproduction. Aside from the idea that we “shouldn’t create more of our own kind” (whatever that means), there are no real role models of disabled parents on local media and I have never seen any disabled mother (or father) being presented on mainstream TV we get from abroad. So there’s a thought.

The moments I share with my nephews remind me of the precious gift of life that every child represents. Besides the silly stuff they force you to do! And, indeed, mothering is about children. But more than that. You don’t have to be a natural mother to be a mother. The same can be said of being a father. So, today I want to remember and thank all those women, who even if they were not my natural mother, were there when I needed them. Even if my own mother cannot be replaced!

Speaking of mother’s day, I have had a ‘child’ so to speak. OK, before turning white with horror (especially you mum!) I had ‘created’ a character Namuh in my teenage years. Over the end of the week, I was toying with the idea of presenting ‘him’ to a wider audience. I had already talked about this elsewhere and in fact his account can be found in my book Cosmos, I have decided to post it on a blog I created especially for this purpose. So, if you’ve got time you might want to visit it at COSMOS ONLINE.

Left: The picture I designed for Cosmos Online...

Yes, it is currently in the initial stages but I should kick off posting the actual story sometime this week. Well, that’s all for now. Once again, happy celebrations!