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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Yesterday was one of those days when I have to go for a medical checkup at hospital. Thankfully, these days are very rare but the experience has improved considerably over the past. Not that I'm keen on going to hospital for a visit. The moment I set foot, err wheels, there it feels like you've entered into another dimension. Now that we have a new hospital, the experience can even be more surreal. After all, there you may find a high concentration of wheelchair users and, of course, elderly people who use wheelchairs but insist they're not 'disabled'!

Yes, you read that last one right. As I was waiting for my ophthalmic appointment, an old man on a wheelchair was being brought in the waiting room. Once he stopped near the seats, he told the lady pushing him that she could take the wheelchair back as he could walk and didn't need it any more. Granted, it was true. He proceeded to sit down using his walking stick and waited like the rest of us. To be honest, if I had been in his position a few years ago, I might have done the same thing. Indeed, I think I might have protested that I didn't 'need' the wheelchair because of the fear of being identified as a disabled person. I should have seen myself then ... today. I fear I wouldn't have approved that much...

The fact is that there are so many bad things associated with disability... I've heard a couple over the last week or two. But the saddest one is when you hear disabled people describe themselves as 'sufferers'. Granted, medical conditions such as my own do involve a certain degree of physical pain (currently it's under control). However, I do not want to define myself as a 'sufferer' for the simple reason my life is not all about pain. In fact, pain is just one tiny aspect of who I am.

Don't start me on that or I'll inflate my ego... anyway, my doctor gave me a clean bill of health (within what is 'normal' for me) whilst I have to make some important decision over my right eye's future... so that's that!

Well, besides my work and the daily routine to distract me, there's also my new blog. In fact, I have started posting on my new blog Cosmos Online. It was hard designing the layout and all that for this blog but thanks to some features of blogger, I can now prepare the posts to be published over the weekend and only update the contents page once in a while.

No, I don't want to start discussing the technicalities of writing a blog. It's not the purpose of this space. Although, on second thoughts, isn't stress bad for me?