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Thursday, May 22, 2008


I can’t help but worry about the recent developments taking place in Italy. Not just because it’s not that far away from Malta but that it’s also part of the European Union. I’m of course writing about the recent rise of Silvio Berlusconi to power. And the silence about some of his policies...

Indeed, as I write, a large number of gipsy immigrants are being persecuted. Many have been living in Italy for a large number of years. Effectively, non-Italian immigrants are being blamed for many of Italy’s problems. The high crime rate for example.

To me, Berlusconi is following in the footsteps of fascism but only few people seem to be worried about this or even seem to care.

The fact is that this persecution of minorities can be said to be a way of distracting Italians from the real problems and instead finding a scapegoat for all social ills.

One of the reasons is that Berlusconi is also the owner of three major television stations in Italy – which means he has considerable power and influence on the Italian public. Over here in Malta, we do get “Berlusconi’s” channels (Canale 5,Italia 1 and Rete 4) and, I admit, I have followed them since childhood. However, this xenophobic policy aimed to rid Italy of ‘non-Italians’ has made me wonder about the things I have consumed over the years. In addition, I wouldn’t want to keep backing the man – even indirectly. You should read an interesting article on Berlusconi’s new fascism written by an Italian Ignacio Ramonet, which should set people in Europe seriously thinking about this new development in Italy.

I have read about the rise of fascism in Italy before the war. Unfortunately, it seems that it may happen again. The fact that it has already happened in the 1930s with Mussolini doesn’t mean it won’t happen again. But perhaps today the stakes are even higher as we enter into a new globalise world were those who control the media may also control the world.. then, we might forget all about human rights
to begin with!