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Monday, March 10, 2008


These last few hours have been hard on me. I can’t remember any other election that I felt that the results would have an impact on my life. Yes, I think I’ve contributed to the debate which, I hope, helped in setting disability as an issue that needed to be given proper attention. It took a long time for the results of the first count of votes to come out. Hours passed as I awaited, with some anxiety, the results. No, I won’t be leaving you waiting to know the results (as I did). It was at about 9,30pm that we were told that the Nationalist Party (PN) appeared to have won the result by a majority of around 1,200 votes. Thus, it was a close call.

Frankly, I’m not a person who likes to get involved into local politics but it was a relief to know of this result. Apart from the issue of institutionalisation that the opposing MLP party was proposing regarding the future of disabled people, there were other issues which PN had proposed which appealed to me. I hope that our quality of life continues to improve as it has done before.

For those unfamiliar with local politics, you must keep in mind that local politics has tended to be preoccupied more with party-politics rather than politics based on policy. Although much is changing, I feel that disability cannot afford to remain seen in terms of health or ‘care’ policy. True, under PN administration, more emphasis has been on putting disability as a rights issue – but considering that MLP went as far as advocating the ‘institution’ as a solution means that the ideas that have oppressed disabled people in Malta still exist. So it seems that the Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi has another five years to serve as the country’s leader. At least, as far as disability is concerned, this man knows the sector rather well – being the president and chairperson of the National Commission Persons with a Disability (KNPD) for some time in the past.


I took today off since I expected that there will be lots of people celebrating the result – whatever party got elected. I really hope that by the end of this week things over here will return back to work as usual. I’ll start my old routine tomorrow after a weekend of expectations. It was a good weekend, except for the tension, and I got to play with my nephews on Saturday. Unfortunately, they will be leaving today, so it will be a while now till I see them again. It will give me time to recover from Saturday… no, just kidding.