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Saturday, March 08, 2008


About 2 hours have now passed since I cast my vote. So, the only thing left now is to wait until the time allocated for voting ends - at about 10pm. To be honest, I got involved in following the political scene more than I ever did before. There are two main reasons for this.

First, as I am now working in the disability sector I am more aware of the things that have happened in my country over the years - and second, as I've only reclaimed my identity as a disabled person relatively recently, I can understand better the social, cultural and political barriers disabled people like myself face in society.

Obviously, an issue that is of great concern this time round - and which I have taken a personal stand on is none other than that of institutionalization. Whatever happens, I will continue objecting to this (or other segregationist policy) because I believe it's wrong. For me and for other disabled people. No arguing there.

These 48 hours or so will determine the next 5 years of Malta's future , and may also have an impact on the quality of life Maltese people are currently enjoying - which although not perfect, is decent. It may also have a direct impact on the approach the government takes regarding disability issues. I hope the countdown will not make me anxious more than necessary but I can't help being concerned.


A few days ago I set up a poll on this blog to ask whether readers agreed that more institutions for disabled people be built. Sadly, only few responded but of the three people (yes 3!) who voted all agreed they should not be building more of these. I admit that the poll came in late and I didn't advertise it much. So that's the story there...


OK, amidst the election countdown and all the politically charged atmosphere that possesses Malta during these times, I can look forward to some quality time with my nephews Matt and Chris - who should be coming over in a few minutes. Sometimes I really wish I could be outside the 'grown-up' world with its problems and somewhat over-seriousness. But I cannot and indeed, I feel that as an adult, I have a duty to ensure that I leave behind a better society that values everybody - regardless of gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, age and of course, disability. Even if my focus in life is to fight for disabled people's rights, I cannot ignore the injustice perpetrated on others.

Well, better stop here for the time being as I have to conserve my energy as a five-year old and a two-year old can be more tiring than pushing my manual wheelchair up a hill!