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Friday, February 22, 2008


Personal reflections on a history of a press release

Part 1


Last Sunday, I posted a press release that was forwarded to the press some time ago relating to a proposition made by the MLP, one of the main parties, which are contesting the next general elections (to be held on March 8, 2008). Fortunately for us, issues concerning the protections of our rights have never been politically divisive, and I believe, that this is a positive thing. So, it was risky of us as an NGO to voice our concerns by sending the MCoDP press release I submitted in my last post:

MCoDP press release

Disabled people have gained a lot of rights in Malta over the years, such as an equal opportunities act in 2000 and now a majority of disabled children are attending mainstream schools. Even if I was one of the lucky ones who attended a mainstream school as a child, I now realise that if my impairment started preventing me from attending my class (which was at the third floor of my school), my future may have been rather different.

So, even the suggestion that disabled people with no family support should be housed in an institution send shivers down my spine. This was why I went ahead with discussions within MCoDP on the writing of a press release condemning the motion (now approved by the Malta Labour Party) on the institutionalisation of disabled people with no family support. Eventually, our press release might have been interpreted politically, as evidenced by the heading:

Local Disabled People’s Council Attacks Labour Proposal(6 Feb 2008)

But it was a risk we had to take. That’s the background part of the story. Now, I will be looking at how I felt when I learned that this motion we had previously opposed was part of the MLP’s electoral manifesto.

Disclaimer: What will follow in the next posts reflect my own views and not necessarily that of my organisation.