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Friday, February 29, 2008


I may not be an ideal man,

But at least I am real.

I may be short in stature,

But not of ideas, and dreams.

I may use four wheels for locomotion,

But I won’t take you for a ride.

I may be physically weaker than the average,

But I am strong in character and

Prepared to defend what I believe in.

I may have a way with words,

But they cannot fully explain who I am.

My life cannot be written down on paper,

Symbols on a page cannot express my being.

My longing for love and to share, who I am,

Being witness to the cycle of life and death,

To the eyes of those who judged me

Even before opening my mouth.

Yes, I can love - but am not faultless either.

I can laugh but also cry.

I can share the joy and the pain,

Of our temporary existences.

I know that we can only be with each other,

For a while. We remain alone in the passage

Of space and time.

To know me, you have to observe the empty space,

The silences that give meaning to my words.

The pauses that give music to the symphony called life.

I am only human.

I may look different,

But so would you.

To me.

I’m only special by virtue

Of being unique.

Like you.

No, I am not your ideal man,

For that would be stuff of fiction.

Simply An abstraction.

Devoid of humanity.


I was inspired to write this poem this morning before I got to work. I jotted down the main structure and this is the complete version. Considering that today I had a bad headache, I wasn't really 'all there' these last few hours. But, at least, I managed to salvage most of the poem. Should be back here by Sunday! Hope you enjoy the poem...