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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Right: Logo from my old site, which sadly celebrated no first birthday (sobs)
Can you believe it? I had to write something as I’ve been trying to figure out how to start wrapping up my MA dissertation and, to say the truth; blogging is really not top of the agenda right now. No offence. But I have a life don’t I?

And this week should be really exhausting. This Sunday I’ve been invited to be what they call a ‘living book’ in which I present myself as a “Disabled Book”. I don’t like to be put on a shelf so I hope people will want to ‘read’ me or get to know more about what it means to be disabled really. A lesson that a doctor examined me today needs to learn.

True, I catalogued the list of things that doctors thought were ‘wrong’ with me. And I was really flattered to a point when he stopped and in a solemn voice informed me…

“No wonder medical students are asked to examine you. You’re a case that is very rare…”

I was really comfortable yesterday being referred to, like the other ‘living books’ – the ‘Marxist book’, the ‘Gay Book’, etc. – that I really did not notice it until… let me say later than usual…

But what upset me most when I think about it is the fact that after talking about why I was there, he seemed so discouraged by my apparent ‘misfortunes’ that he assured me – rather unconvincingly… wait for it:

“Let’s hope one thing will turn out well this time…”

And in my half-alive state – given I’d been up late evening – I didn’t really notice what he was on about. But now I have the right to scream on this blogday…


But I guess that’s what you get if you read about the ‘sufferings’, ‘afflictions’ and God knows what other terms doctors are using these days to describe my medical state. And believe me, I am pissed off with myself as well. I should be quicker in the uptake. Well, it was 9am and I had been in the sun for some time before. But, seriously now, I think it’s very easy for words to become reality and language to lead us to think things about other people that aren’t the whole truth.

However, as the song goes… it’s words are all I have… to communicate what I feel on this blog. And this online diatribe of mine, beyond my expectations is ready to be potty trained. Hope it survives for years to come. On the other hand, hope I survive for years to come… you’ll hear from me in the coming days. Now let me have a well deserved rest, ok?



Penny L. Richards said...

Happy birthday!

Now, if you're a book, do you get to wear a dust jacket? ;)

GordonGT said...

No, actally you get to be only tagged and labelled. Like in real life really ... got back from the party this morning. Still feeling not my-shelf :)