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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Yesterday I’ve been watching a documentary on cosmology or the ‘study of the universe’. Well, other than bringing back memories of when I was an avid astronomer, it also made me wonder about the vastness of the universe and how tiny, if not insignificant, our planet is. Indeed, the universe has been there for billions of years… and yet I wonder…

Left: A picture of me at about 10 years of age, with my telescope when I dabbled in astronomy.

It is at these times that I am struck by a combination of awe and fear. This emptiness that surrounds us, what about us? What about the grand designs we may have had in our life… it could disappear into nothingness. And there is where our fears reside. The great unknown that we must all face, or the eventuality of death. Nor others’ but our own.

Perhaps it’s the same feeling of awe and impending loss that many soldiers would feel during D-Day. Perhaps not. What is sure, that if we had to compare the brief history of humanity, it is quite absurd that we take ourselves so seriously. But then again, this world is all we have… and yet, again… I wonder how many before me have been driven to an early death.

Or else, they have been denied to be acknowledged as persons and robbed of their dignity just because they didn’t conform to the expectations of some ideal – however alluring. I do sometimes wonder what will become of me in a couple of years time. Whether I will be happy with how I lived my life. Or whether things will get better or worse.

Well, this life of ours will be always a step towards the unknown. Whether we like it or not will not change this fact a single bit. But there is a source of hope, and even if it’s simply the recognition that we’re doing our best, it may still get us through to tomorrow. The unknown.