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Friday, June 01, 2007


I don't like watching programmes when people decide that they need to change something physically about themselves and feel that if they don't, their life would remain err... miserable. I'm not judging these people of course because there have been times when I did want to be taller, or simply walk straight - something I could never do.

But what if tomorrow I could rid myself of my mobility impairment? Well, I'd probably be running like mad over the place and that includes bumping into people... into things... etc. etc. Until I get really really exhausted. And sit on a chair.

And then when I want to go somewhere I'll probably be using a car... well, let's think about it... what about when I grow older? With all probability I'll be needing a wheelchair after all those years of running here and there and bumping into things.

So after fifty odd years of crazy commuting, I'll be back where I am now. And given that by the time I'll have forgotten probably all about my current situation, I would be very very sad for being unable to walk as much as I did when I was younger.

Nope, that looks like a full circle to me. Besides, the probability of me walking is indeed almost impossible whilst I'll have to learn to live a new life - being this way since birth! So, I'd rather be left like I am now without anyone coming up with any strange ideas about how to best 'fix' me. Unless of course you don't want to send me a million Euros... just kidding of course...