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Monday, May 07, 2007


I have been interested in the history of the holocaust since my teenage years. Not because I have a morbid fascination with death or mass extermination, but because I wanted to understand why… why did it all happen? How and for what reason?

I know that it was the eugenic idea that some races were better than others… that some physical characteristics are more desirable… that some people should be sacrificed for the achievement of an ideal. An ideal of human perfection.

Yes, that’s all history… The extermination of people with impairments through the T-4 programmed … Jews, Gypsies, gays… political opponents of the NAZI party… yellow stars… ghettoes… swastikas and gas chambers. History.

Yet, the question still remains… why? And of all those human beings who have been silenced, why the children? And once again I am dumbstruck and cannot explain it away. Children stripped of their dignity, of their identities and killed en masse because they were not part of the ‘accepted’ kind.

Children used for experiments, for slave labor and for testing new methods of murder. And yet I shiver, as I know that in our liberal world children are still the victims. Children frozen in clinical settings for later use. Children aborted at will.

And yet, we are ready to argue that these are not persons because they cannot speak or talk or even defend themselves. They are not persons because they are not capable of talking about who they are. Not children because they might have an impairment. Not children because they are unwanted.

Yet, the silenced children of the holocaust are still here. They are killed daily in the streets of Israel, of Sudan, of wherever there is conflict … they were there during the Armenian genocides or during Pol Pot’s reign … I may forget where else. But they are also in our ‘civilized’ Europe and in our sterile hospital buildings.

But their destruction is not meaningless. Only why they were destroyed was. But then, we will never know who they were. Ever.


Philip. said...

Gordon, I have just discovered your blog and must say that you produce some really interesting, well written posts.

I'll be back for more.

All the best.