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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

(Left: Intro graphic of The X-Files series)

I have considered myself a fan of this science fiction series for most of my late teens but now I’m really not finding it much to my liking. Not that the many murders and unsolved cases do not intrigue or interest me but as I re-watch some of the episodes I had viewed as a young adult I am rather disappointed err in myself…

I should have seen it long time coming. But I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I mean how many times have wheelchair users got a bad reputation … a Hindu with no limbs who kills people by playing with their minds, a wheelchair user who kills people by telepathy, a blind girl who is the reincarnated soul of a man who kills those who have killed ‘him’ in the past, a janitor with learning disabilities who kills people for sports, some people with mental health issues on murderous frenzies, etc. etc. Those are some of the episodes I can recall right now.

I might have been more open to artistic licenses in the past but it’s always the one who is different, or who has an impairment, or of course aliens, mutants and whatever your creepy nightmares might conjure are there. But what makes me different from aliens or other imaginary beings is that my life is difficult enough as it is without people getting funny ideas about my sinister life.

And no I don’t have a sinister life if I may add. But often, as with the fascination people might have with aliens or the supernatural, disabled people are often examined and scrutinized from outside and judged from outside. And my impairment may become my blessing or my curse, depending on who is judging.

Yep, the truth was out there but if you’re searching for answers to the questions surrounding impairment, you won’t find them in The X-Files. But perhaps I should take it with a pinch of salt. But with many people only looking at our lives from such sources, I am afraid that they are still wondering about whether I am really an alien trying to blog way to world conquest.