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Monday, February 05, 2007


There are so many things going on in my life that it does get difficult to keep blogging day in day out. Although to be honest, it shouldn’t be much of a hassle given it’s not being graded or anything. However, one realization that got me thinking last Friday was that I’m not getting younger. In fact, that should be obvious… but I am feeling old. Much older in fact than I previously thought.

It all started on Wednesday when I ended up speaking to an intelligent young man who is currently representing the interests of children as appointed by the Commission for Children. I had the opportunity to explain what disabled people understand by disability and some of the issues that we deem important. As inclusion is happening in schools over here, it was a pleasant surprise that he got the hang of these issues in the short time we talked. Well, that’s not the reason I felt old but I had to say that there is still hope in the world if future generations learn to appreciate difference.

Anyway, I found myself giving a short talk to disabled people who are currently gearing for a course designed to prepare them for university education as the educational system has for a long time (as in other countries) failed disabled people in Malta before the introduction of integration and later inclusive policy. It has now been about four years since I graduated in English over there and even though I do lectures there once in a while being there once again made me recall all the things I did over there. Yes, besides studying …

Another thing I started doing since my eye operation was to use my electric scooter, which is well … fun! I have affectionately called it my ‘silver stallion’ although it does sound as if it’s some Arabian horse of some kind. No, it doesn’t feed on grass but uses a battery. But it’s strange how people once again keep asking me the same old same old questions… such as:

How much does it cost?

Where did you get it?

Etc. etc.

These are really – in most cases – innocent questions. But please, if I had wanted to become sales representative for the Scooter Corp. (not real brand), I would have advertised it on my blog, wouldn’t I? I forget … how many people I meet on the street know of this blog?


And about my feeling of getting old … well, it’s a fact. I’ll just have to live with it I guess. One thing is for sure, I’d better wrap it up for today.


Blue / Kay Olson said...

Yep, I have always gotten questions about my accessible, ramped minivan and my scooter. Not uncommon: being accosted in a public restroom by some woman whose husband or sister or someone has had a stroke or arthritis or whatever. I'm torn between the sense that resources just aren't publicly known about and feeling it's just inappropriate and tiresome.

GordonGT said...

That's definitely a dilemma... especially when I think that it be possible that I'm the 'first' disabled person they'll be meeting in person. I usually try to find out why they're asking because it's one thing seeking guidance and it's another thing altogether just being curious and nosy ...