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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


This will be my last post at least till next Tuesday as I will be off for a weekend to get into groups with my course in Disability Studies. It will be an occasion where I meet once again the other students on my course. It will be a hectic year and hopefully I’ll get the chance to drop in a post once in a while.

Traveling is one of the things I like doing. But now that I’ve got to plan most of it myself it becomes a logistic nightmare. Well, I’m a very brave and courageous man I know … so I’ll put on my Armour and prepare for my long, long and even longer journey than I could ever imagined.

And this time I’ll also be traveling by train on the way back. Long story… Anyway, for those wondering how a wheelchair user can make the trip to a foreign country it’s not an easy task. But I’m of course as many people say persistent, relentless and an avid risk taker.

Not really, a.

Because considering the many disabling barriers I will face, traveling can become an ordeal and drudgery. Making sure that my wheelchair gets to the destination, ensuring that my luggage gets there, ensuring that I get there in one piece.

All pretty mind boggling if not bone shaking thoughts.

But it must happen. As Trekkies (unlike myself) would put it. I’m preparing…

To boldly go where no man has gone before

Which if I think about it is rather untrue and slightly sexist. But the challenges ahead involve the same old, same old things including lack of access, the usual patronizing pests here and there and perhaps if I don’t remain that cynical I may even find some interesting travelers on my way.

I will have a good time when I’m there for sure. And if my tutors or fellow students are reading this, I’ll be meeting you soon… as well as my other friends who I’m meeting over there. So I’m off to Leeds for some time. That’s what I really wanted to say.