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Saturday, October 07, 2006


I’ve finally received my results and shall proceed to the next year of my studies. But it’ll be a tough year… but of course, I should continue blogging anyway, shouldn’t I?

I have received some email regarding my blog which is encouraging. At least people are reading!

Speaking of which, Michael McCarty has posted yesterday’s blog on his blog database… which I should say is an impressive undertaking. It contains lots of material with particular interest to blind and visually impaired persons.


The site offers many resources and is managed by the American Printing House for the Blind. People may also listen to my blog there as there’s a link that might give people a rough idea of how text-to-speech works on my computer.

It’s quite exciting to realise that right at this moment millions around the world are reading this blog. Ok, I meant surfing the net… But it’s also quite an unsettling thought if you think about it. Like every invention, the internet is neutral and can be used as a weapon or as a tool. Hopefully, many of you utilise it as the latter.

I am particularly disturbed by the fact that there is no actual thing that can verify the truth of what is online. True, the net reflects our world in many ways. It gives voices to people and creates networks. But it remains essentially a world within a world.

Let’s take me writing this for an example. For all you know I may be not the person I am putting myself across as being. So there’s some trust that must go into the equation.

Think about it! A world with no obstacles, no problems of belonging, no need to struggle to get a service… etc. etc. Perfect! But then what will we be missing?

I’d miss being with the friends I have. Or just being in contact with someone else. Let’s face it, even if there are many different people on the net right now, the only way you’ll know them is from a distance or from the medium you are reading about them.

To stretch it further, aren’t scientists who check DNA of embryos just scrutinising a code that has no real grounding on the person being studied? Aren’t doing not the same thing when we lump people together as if we are understanding what it means to be that ‘other’?

Perhaps a more personal dilemma, would my impairments exist for you if I hadn’t mentioned them? I know that we say we’re living in a global village but perhaps the fact is that it may be somewhat more revealing. We may be creating a smaller world, yes, but it may be that it’s the world within us that is expanding. I guess all this puts into perspective our reality. For it should follow that the world inside that counts… so why then are certain people viewed better than others?

I shall sleep on it …