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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I really should be upbeat today as things are improving in my life. even though my exam results have not come in yet ( so I’m a bit anxious).


I was reading how a lab in Scotland is selling human embryo stem cells to be used for research. The arguments brought forward is that this will ensure that research to produce cures and treatments is facilitated without the problems associated with patenting and other things usually associated with inventions. Technically, I can order a number of stem cells to do whatever I like with them.

There are of course people who argue that an embryo is a bunch of cells. I beg to differ. If it were not for that ‘bunch of cells’, all of us would not be here! And I feel that placing a price on human life is none other than a more clinical form of ‘slavery’, or even downright human experimentation.

And this is always the argument isn't it? - To build a world without disease or anything that we deem to fall out of the ‘normal’ bounds as established by the medical paradigm. But in truth, not only is the vision of a perfect world unattainable and unrealistic, but it also kills the very essence of what makes us human. Our differences and adaptability to the changing environment.

If I had to believe the many people who said I couldn’t succeed because I had an impairment, or because things had changed, I would not be here writing this. The truth is that we must look at how we are indeed creating the obstacles to the inclusion of different people and to their quality of life.

Unfortunately, economics has been the driving force behind policy and legislation over the past few years I have been following the field of policy. This trend is worrying for many reasons but mainly because it poses us with a choice between supposed material progress and human progress in the real sense. Or in other words, between an ideal society built on 'perfection' and the recognition of our life regardless of anything else. For I believe that if one life is lost for the benefit of many, we would be sacrificing far deal more than what we might have gained. If nothing, we would have lost someone who would have made a difference to other people's lives. Or the future. Or even simply changed your mood or perspective of the world.