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Monday, October 02, 2006


This is not the real title of my poem but it surely grabbed your attention didn’t it? Since yesterday, I’ve been starting again my winter routine – even if it’s still autumn. And now I find that I have really changed since last year. For starters, I’m almost a year older… but some things do stay the same.

For instance, yesterday I felt I had to write a poem that is about love and desire. And of all the mythical creatures that I could equate these themes with was none other than the mythical fire bird known as the phoenix. The peculiarity of this bird is that it was thought to reproduce itself through its self-sacrifice by burning itself. And I think this is very similar to what happens to our desire for love. It burns us and is recreating us with each flame. Well, I wrote this late at night before I got to sleep. And yes, I did have a good night’s sleep if you’re wondering. I cannot get to sleep sometimes if there's unfinished business. And sometimes this means sacrificing one hour sleep… Anyway, here’s the poem:


I linger on in my silence,

As I contemplate overpowering desire.

The day is pale and my mind knows not,

What this fleeting passion will lead me to.

The heart takes over and does burn:

All past and futures…
Into mere ashes!

No time to think as life flashes like a dream,
And abruptly turns all reason.

Inverting the old order for a greater love.

And as this fiery flame rages out its energy,

Still it does not die!

For as soon as it is extinguished, a bird sets forth to fly,

To haunt me with its ever-growing longing –

But only to start its incandescent ritual. Again.

Ravaging my heart and soul leaving but ashes.

As it warms my spirit with its everlasting light.

That speaks untold desires. And changes me.

So that I burn and die repeatedly in its faceless gaze,

To be born again like a rising phoenix.