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Thursday, September 07, 2006


I sometimes feel that poetry can say some things best. After a rather long tiring day, I could not get myself to rest but felt I had to get out this poem that was in me. And here I present it to you. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will have regained my strength. zzzz...



I have known such sweet joy and peace,

When I could but be

Of words and language free.

The touch of a warm person,

The smell of uncultivated flowers,

The sight of a blue sky,

The sound of a silent voice,

The taste of an unconditioned love.

And I dare say I was a baby

Free from clothing, naked to the world

Unstamped, unlabelled, free of judgement.

A child of heaven,

In love with all there was to love,

And free to the God above.

But tender nature spoilt as things became words,

As clothes covered my now shameful parts,

As words restored an order that was not

And chained me to a falsity of coded love.

But then, I return to what was that love,

As I witness to my self, my body and my mind.

Free of what stood to define me, free of the slavery of clothing,

Free of the masquerades of lies.

I do not touch you, you tenderly touch my heart.

I don’t see you, but sense your gentle loving gaze.

I do not smell you but know that there is a forgotten bond,

We share in the taste of our love,

And in the melody of our quiet music..

there is a present, a now.

I want to love, and love I will.

Beyond the reasons of this verse I rebel for love is one.

That rules and regulations shuns

And renders our words to mere puns.

For you are here, I am here,

We are here. Love is here.

I just have to will to see it.

I must Distrust my senses or my inner voice,

To render noise into a silence

That stops all violence.

And erases meanings and words to rejoin

That naked babe in the contemplation of eternity,

When love just was. Now. Forever.