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Monday, September 18, 2006


I am posting a poem I wrote a long time ago today for a very special person. The ideas and feelings it explores sometimes return here and now – especially when I find myself alone after a long day of exertion. Don’t be misled by the Greek title meaning “God have mercy” as it’s strictly speaking not a religious poem. By the way, did I mention I am single? But enough of that hope you enjoy!


I wonder at the night sky,

Lost in strange feeling.

I thought that I could die,

Until I sensed your essence,

In the midst of this desert.

Like a fortress I stood alone.

Wholly empty and trapped.

I do not know myself why or how,

But your voice fills me with life and joy.

It’s strange but it seems to me,

Your heart is noble and so pure.

I cannot see properly your features,

But I discern a quality,

Far beyond my comprehension.
For now it seems all is won.

I am confused and perplexed, yes.

For I have loved before. And lost so much...

It may come to pass and laugh I will at this verse.

But I dream of you, your beauty within.

Yet I cannot reveal my secret to you,

As in silence I cannot hurt no one,

My blazing love and untold longing.

A seemingly impossible love. But alas it is there!

I need to better know myself.

I do not like to be hidden,

For my heart does call,

For a life that is forbidden.

I know you will remain forever,

Distant and unknowable to me.

But I sense you are special.

And in you I feel love.

My night is never dark since you appeared,

And in you the universe resides. As it does in me.

And never should it come to call you mine,

For you cannot or never should be owned.

Inasmuch as the universe is uncontainable and free.

You are wonderful but mysterious.

You illuminate my night with the colours of the rainbow.

And in God I know this.

You stir my soul.

And fill me with happiness.

Even in my solitude,

I am complete,

And all is one.